The cost of debt assistance

Indebted consumers tend to avoid debt assistance because they believe their financial situation prevents them from affording it. However, the whole process is relatively affordable. Initially, the consumer pays a R50 application fee, and a once off fee of R300 if the counsellors cannot assist with debt. A restructuring fee applies if the consumer is accepted for debt review, which does not exceed R6000. This amount may be paid over a 60 day period, during which their debts have been deferred. When payment recommences, the debt counsellor receives  5% for 24 months, and then 3% thereafter until the debts are all paid up.

It also includes the lessor of a property. Therefore if a consumer rents their home, their landlord can be considered their credit provider.

According to The National Credit Act of South Africa, a broad definition of a credit provider is anyone that exchanges money, goods, or services under an agreement from the consumer that they will return the value of the goods, services, or money over an agreed upon period of time, with possible added interest..

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ASSIST WITH DEBT | The cost of debt assistance